Wayne’s Windscreens Mandurah can cater to all your tinting needs including:

  • Car
  • Home
  • Office
  • Boats
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Frosted Opaque screens
  • Decorative films
  • Safety & security films
  • Anti-Graffiti films
  • Specialising in local business such as Day care Centres and Shop fronts.

All of our jobs are carried out by experienced professionals so you can rest easy and be assured your job will be completed to your satisfaction

Our Car Tint

Keeps You Cool

We use the latest Automotive window film technology available. It will keep your vehicle cool by rejecting up to 60% of the solar heat from the sun

Personal Safety

Filters out more than 99% of ultra violet Rays.

Driver Safety

Reduces glare

Protects your car

Protection for your upholstery from sun damage and fading


Strengthens the glass and increases security

Road Safety

Reduces the possibility of shattering glass


Scratch resistant and ensures your film will be easy to clean and last for years.


Our Residential/ commercial window tint

Our range of window films deliver sensational views day and night. The benefits of our film are:

  • A non-reflective outlook
  • Allow up to 73% of solar heat to be blocked from entering the home or office glass
  • Blocks up to 93% of the glare
  • Blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays
  • Provides energy saving advantages
  • Protects your valuables such as furniture, carpets etc from fading
  • Reduces glare on televisions and computer screens

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