Commercial Window Tinting

The major concern for any business is to minimise costs and prevent the bottom line.

Wayne’s Windscreens can help you do just that with our commercial window tinting services. Here are some of the major benefits we can help you achieve.


If your employees are finding difficulty seeing their computer screens, window tinting can come to their rescue. Solar film minimises the impact of glare caused by external sources. When there’s excessive light exposure, focusing on the computer screen can become difficult. Window tinting can reduce the glare by up to 90%.


If you are thinking of improving the environment in your office, our commercial window tinting services can come handy. After all, the environment and level of comfort play a great role in your employees’ productivity. Solar film can help control fluctuations in humidity owing to changes in temperature.

Tinting your office windows can reduce the heat entering through the glass by over 80%. This will optimise the efficacy of your air conditioning system. In fact, you can even open up the blinds now that the heat entering the premises is considerably reduced.


Privacy is an important consideration in every office. Whether it is a conference room, lunch room or security room, our commercial window tinting team can create a solution that suits your requirements.


Want to enhance the security of your windows without the huge costs of reinforced glass? Security window film is the ideal solution. A 100 micron thick security window film can ensure that thieves don’t get easy access to your premises. A 300 micron thickness can hold windows in place during explosions.

Window tinting for your office offers comprehensive benefits at affordable prices. Contact Wayne’s Windscreens today for a free quote.