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For High Quality Window Tinting, Mandurah Relies on Wayne’s Windscreens.


The Local Choice for Window Tint in Mandurah

For over 30 years, we have been Perth’s leaders in window tinting. We provide high quality window tinting services for automotive, residential and commercial applications. Our highly skilled team has in-depth knowledge on the latest coatings and protection technologies, ensuring a premium result every time. We can cater to all your tinting needs including:










Heavy Machinery


Frosted Opaque screens


Decorative films


Safety & security films


Anti-Graffiti films


Specialising in local business such as Day care Centres and Shop fronts.

For superior home and car window tinting, Mandurah locals should get in touch with us today or get a free quotation online now.

Our Car Tint Keeps You Cool

We use the latest Automotive window film technology available. It will keep your vehicle cool by rejecting up to 60% of the solar heat from the sun

Personal Safety

Filters out more than 99% of ultra violet Rays.

Driver Safety

Reduces glare

Protects your car

Protection for your upholstery from sun damage and fading


Strengthens the glass and increases security


Scratch resistant and ensures your film will be easy to clean and last for years.

Road Safety

Reduces the possibility of shattering glass

Why Invest in Window Tinting?


There are many benefits to high quality window tinting, these include:


Protection from damaging UV Rays - Our window tints are designed to provide ultimate protection against harmful UV rays, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your skin or the interior of your car, home or building.


Increased Privacy – Installing window films will provide a high level of privacy, keeping prying eyes away.


Enhanced Safety - Our car window tinting provides excellent protection and safety against window and windscreen breakages. Preserving the integrity of the glass, window film prevents the glass from shattering in an accident or attempted break-in.


Keeps You Cooler - Our window tinting removes up 80% of solar heat from the sun, keeping you cooler in summer and reducing your reliance on air-conditioning systems.


Glare Reduction – Reducing glare by up to 85%, car window tinting makes driving safer.


Looks Great - Our impressive range of tints will improve the overall aesthetic of your car or home.

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Specialising in local business such as day care centres and shop fronts as well as vehicles, homes and other businesses throughout Perth, we use high quality window films, designed and developed to suit the harsh Australian climate. We also offer a wide range of windscreen repair and replacement services, including a 24-hour emergency service. All of our jobs are carried out by experienced professionals so you can rest easy and be assured your job will be completed to your satisfaction.

Reach out to the team at Wayne’s Windscreens today – The best choice in Mandurah and surrounds for all your windscreen and window tinting needs. Call us on (08) 9535 7599 or contact us online now.