Window Tinting Specialists Mandurah

Window tinting is a great way to reduce heat and glare, increase the comfort levels inside, improve energy efficiency and prevent UV damage.

Looking for window tinting specialists Manudrah?

Contact Wayne’s Windscreens for professional window tinting services for cars, residential premises and commercial properties. Our expert window tinting specialists will quickly and efficiently apply the tinting you desire.

High Quality Tinting

Offering a UV protection of up to 99%, our tinting products offer the best security, privacy and protection. Here are some features of our film:


Non reflective finish


Blocks glares by up to 93%


Blocks UV rays by up to 99%


Keeps away 73% of solar heat from entering the premises


High levels of energy savings


Protects valuables like carpets and furniture from fading

If you are looking to tint your car windows, our products offer high level of personal safety, driver safety, car protection, security, durability and road safety, all at the same time. Speak to our window tinting specialists Manudrah today for more information.

High Quality Workmanship

Our window tinting specialists Mandurah guarantee high quality workmanship. Whether you are looking for window tinting for your home, office or your car, expect the best quality solutions, expert advice and friendly service. Our tinting experts have years of experience, well trained and are friendly.

Expect prompt service, quick turnarounds and affordable rates no matter the size or scope of your tinting project. Whether you want us to tint your entire home or re-tint some windows in your home, we are happy to assist.

We Come To You

Our mobile window tinting team will visit you no matter where you are to install our high quality tinting products. If there’s a space where we can move around, has a power point and sufficient lighting, we can easily do it at your premises.

Contact Wayne’s Windscreens today for more information.